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Aesthetics & precision

Behind the scenes of Guidotti hinges

Let’s stop in the workshop where Guidotti products are born.
This is where you will meet Nicole. His nimble fingers have delicately and precisely assembled each hinge for 16 years.
Don't try to tell her about it, she knows her products inside out ...

It is by following it that we will make you discover a know-how of excellence.



The machining of our hinges is carried out either in Revel (31) in our workshop, or by our subsidiary Serelec (83).
We manufacture the majority of parts with high quality brass.
Each hinge is marked with the Guidotti logo using a punch.
They are then sent for decoration to our French subcontractors!



The finishes includes the stages of polishing and chrome plating. These are two essential steps that guarantee both perfect aesthetics and resistance over time.
There are several types of finishes depending on the style of the place equipped with our hinges: polished, golden, colored, the range of possibilities is endless.
Each part is checked, so we make sure that it meets our high standards.



100% of the hinges are assembled at Revel by Nicole's expert hands. We can thus offer you multiple configurations.

Each hinge is manually tested, always to guarantee its function and quality.




Throughout the creation and assembly stages, we take very particular care of its aesthetic aspect.
So before shipping, each hinge is polished and individually wrapped to avoid any traces.