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Guidotti macht Urlaub

Veröffentlicht von 29/07/2020

Der Hauptsitz von Guidotti ist von Montag, 3. August, bis Sonntag, 23. August, geschlossen.
Die Agentur Ile-de-France ist von Montag, 10. August, bis Sonntag, 30. August, geschlossen.

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Bees and colors

Veröffentlicht von 08/07/2020

Did you know that bees do not see red?

So what color do they see the beautiful Guidotti hive?

Find out by reading the summer adventures of our bees!

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WEBINAR - La sécurité de votre bâtiment est-elle garantie en toute circonstance ?

Veröffentlicht von 15/06/2020

Votre bâtiment est-il verrouillé quelle que soit la situation ? Vraiment ?

Retrouvez la vidéo de notre Webinar qui a réuni bon nombre de nos clients le jeudi 11 juin.

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Did you know ?

Veröffentlicht von 11/05/2020

GUIDOTTI locks boost employment in FRANCE. The Dynamic lock was created in Revel in the south of Toulouse in the occitania region is a good example, thanks to its French sourcing, there are in total more than 170 people who work directly and indirectly on this product.

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Webinar - Can we combine security & safety

Veröffentlicht von 20/05/2020

The installation and equipment of emergency exits are often synonymous with multiple constraints.

Our GB2008IS lock will simplify your daily life.

Watch the video of our Webinar which brought together many of our customers on Thursday May 14.

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Discover our GB2008IS lock

Veröffentlicht von 28/04/2020

Guidotti presents the lock that combines security and safety.

Discover the GB2008IS lock on video.

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Covid-19 News

Veröffentlicht von 22/04/2020

Moday, April 13, the French government announced the confinement extension until Monday, May 11.
Since March 16, to preserve the health of Guidotti employees, I have chosen to close the Revel (31) and Paris (20th) premises.
The accounting, commercial and technical departments able to work remotely have been maintained.

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Meet Patrick Lainé

Veröffentlicht von 07/04/2020

Patrick Lainé is the oldest of our collaborators. On March 23, he celebrated his 67th birthday.

Behind his laughing eyes hides a calm and reserved temperament.

It is with great pleasure that we have chosen to reserve our first interview for him and to introduce you to this beautiful character.

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Covid-19 measures

Veröffentlicht von 01/04/2020

Dear customers, dear partners,
According to information and directives given by the french government, and the extension of the confinement until April 15, I have decided to take the following measures to protect Guidotti employees from the epidemic

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Veröffentlicht von 31/03/2020