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Veröffentlicht von 08/03/2022

Solution sheet 7: Ensuring confidentiality and security.

Veröffentlicht von 23/02/2022

Some doors must be able to be locked because they require high levels of confidentiality or because they give access to areas protecting goods, operations or sensitive data.

Find out how with our new solution sheet.

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Veröffentlicht von 16/02/2022

Regularly taken as synonyms, the words security and safety have essentially the same meaning in everyday language. When we look more precisely at the context, we detect a big difference.

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Veröffentlicht von 09/02/2022

Solution Sheet 6: Ensuring lockdown

Veröffentlicht von 02/02/2022

Why is a door not locked?

The locking system, depending on its nature (mechanical or motorized) may experience faults. Finding a solution to guarantee locking then becomes a major challenge.

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Guidotti trainings certified by Qualiopi

Veröffentlicht von 19/01/2022

Guidotti locking solutions are recognized for their quality and reliability.

They are now Qualiopi certified and therefore allow you to obtain public and/or shared funding funds.

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Your delivery has arrived

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