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Dare to tell us about it, we will create it for you!

It is with this sentence that Guidotti starts this week, the Protection & Prevention Meetings exhibition in Cannes (on March 23rd and 24th, if you pass by, come and see us on the stand L01!)
What does this sentence mean concretely?
Since always, the Guidotti company has put the proximity in the heart of its values.
Our customers have daily constraints which impose them certain types of installation.
Because we wish to satisfy them as well as possible, we often created or made evolve our locks for them.
To do this, we have an integrated design office. It allows us to be reactive and to correlate the need and the technique.
Our history shows how we have never hesitated to reinvent ourselves based on our customers' real needs.
Here are some examples of our achievements.
- Creation of the SE electromechanical strip: meets the need for access control of glass doors in the branches of a major player in the French banking sector.
- Creation of the SEP77 lock: narrow lock to equip aluminum framed doors.
- Creation of the DG280 lock: equipping bank doors in SAS with a motorized breaking system
- The French embassies were looking for a lock that was both mechanical and electrical, so we created the DG286.
- The SEP96 was developed because installers wanted to add a time delay to access control locks.
- The GB2008IS is dedicated to the equipment of self-service banking areas in a network of French branches.
- The constraints of cashiers (automatic and systematic locking, emergency exit approval...) were at the origin of the DG3PM and DANTE locks.
We have adapted locks to the functional constraints of our customers, such as the addition of a second cylinder on the DG2PM or DG3PMISCA locks (telecom operator and major energy player).
Security constraints have been integrated into the creation of locks resistant to explosions (15 tons for the DG94CAL) or ram cars (DG944PAR).
Finally, we have developed high security locks for the Army and Defense, in compliance with IGI 1300 (formerly 1223), such as the DG3PMCA or the DG949BAP.
Whatever the customer, whatever the sector, Guidotti takes up all the technical challenges, keeping in mind the durability of its products, its ecological commitment and its always French manufacture.
Dare to talk to us, we will create YOUR locking solution.