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The CR5 certified Dynamic lock

After the door unit manufacturer AFIMES, we are happy to count the company BAUMERT among our door unit partners.

The Dynamic 5-point lock has been CR5 certified with their AGIL door unit.

But what does a CR5 certification mean?

CR5 approval is determined (among others) by the EN1627 standard.

This standard classifies products according to their performance in terms of burglary resistance.

Six classes are defined according to the type of tools used and the resistance time, offering increasing protection against burglary.

Category 5 of the standard includes power tools such as: Grinder, jigsaw, saber saw, hole saw, perforator, etc.

To obtain the CR5 level, the door unit must undergo attacks on 4 determined points with the objective of opening the door or allowing the passage "manhole".

The 4 points attacked are the body of the door, the bolts of the lock, the cylinder and its protection and the hinges of the door; they must last 15 min with increasing tooling levels to obtain certification.

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