Our Men

antho et nordine

When a new member of staff joins us, they are trained for 2 years on all our locks. The work schedule of our versatile locksmiths allow us to be ready for all eventualities. Our professional know-how is transmitted and continually adapted in order to stay at the cutting edge of technology.

To be an assembler of single and multi-point locks, is to know how to look for excellence and how to produce certified products.

This mastery of our locksmiths has meant we are now well recognized in the high security field for military establishments, Seveso sites and banks.

Shipping is an important step in the manufacturing chain as it guarantees, for all those professionals who give us their confidence, intact quality control from start to finish and a faultless, ready-to-use product. We are in a position to guarantee this service through continual innovation. We create made-to-measure, foam filled, wooden boxes which can be adapted to those locks which require particular care.

We hold the strong conviction that the environment must be respected - and this forms part of our quality control process.
All of our paper and cardboard is recycled and used for dunnage. Our obsolete computing equipment is sent to a specialized treatment plant and we do not discharge any non-recyclable waste. In addition to this, our equipment complies with all RoHs and WEEE directives.
Créations D.Guidotti is an eco-friendly company which follows an eco-responsible model within the Biovallée Lauragaise (Bio-Initiative, South-East of Toulouse).

Our hinges are assembled exclusively by women, as their finesse leads to flawless quality. Their precise and meticulous manner of working allows us to produce mechanisms of high precision and aesthetic qualities for a product which demands excellence. 

It is for this reason that our hinges and products for glazed applications are well recognized and dominate the International luxury market where we equip five-star hotels and top-of-the-line boutiques.

With more than 33 years of experience within Guidotti, Christian has contributed to the evolution of locks such as the SEP77, the DG88, the Dante... and today, the DGIS.
As a machinist, he has developed technical and computing skills which have lead to him being able to master computer controlled machining as well as conventional tool techniques. 
Through its training program, Guidotti allows each employee to evolve according to their skill set. Thanks to this flexibility, which brings us the diversity of skills of our personnel, we can be reactive in terms of reducing the risk of unexpected events.


The Créations D.Guidotti manufacturing plant in the town of Revel, in south-west France, has 37 employees who al play a key role in developing Guidotti Services.

Skill, adaptability and customization - these are the three key definitions that characterize our profession and our company.

The Créations D.Guidotti design office permanently works to conceive innovative creations with the most demanding levels of quality. Whether for locks or rails, quests for certification, or even finer hinges, all our products are laboratory tested.

The products pass through this laboratory stage - with opening/closing tests of a million cycles, but also using the CNPP CR3 - CR4 - CR5 processes with anti-automobile battering ram tests and anti-explosion tests. This all finally comes together to obtain the highest certification leaving us at the forefront of security within the industry.

With more than 4000 customers in France and abroad, our Guidotti experts are the pillars of the company. Trained on locks, rails and hinges, they link the professional sector with internal production. Our installers work with them during our personalized customer follow-ups and assistance service. This provides real added value for all D. Guidotti products whether on a national scale or with our international collaborations.

Hands of gold, a cheerful smile and trustworthiness at every step of the way - these are the qualities that Patrick has brought to the service of Créations D.Guidotti over the last 40 years.

He arrived in the company at the time of the development of our rails - our golden age.
He also participated in the evolution of each of our locks and today is capable of assembling our whole range.

When it was announced that the company would move, Patrick had confidence in Guidotti and took the decision to move to Revel and continue his adventure within the company.

A father and then a grandfather, it was natural that he would transmit his know-how to the following generations and thus train new Guidotti recruits.