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Publish by 11/08/2022

It's time to go!

All the Guidotti teams wish you an excellent holiday.

We will be closed from Monday 15 August to Sunday 28 August.

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Ecoutez et devinez

Publish by 08/06/2022

Ecoutez et devinez !

L'artisanat travaille aussi à l'oreille.

Découvrez ce son, emblématique de l'activité de Guidotti.

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My lock

Publish by 25/05/2022

Did you know that we can also supply you with handles to fit your locks?

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World Bees Day

Publish by 20/05/2022

Do you like honey? So do we! 
Today is World Bee Day!
And to continue to enjoy this delicious sweet treat, bees must be protected.
Guidotti is committed to the environment every day:

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Solution sheet 8: How can a building be made compatible with religious constraints?

Publish by 26/04/2022

The Jewish religion observes the Sabbath from Friday night to Saturday night. During this period, the use of electricity to change the state of a system is prohibited. As a result, electric or electromechanical locks cannot be used.

How to ensure a lock within these constraints?

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