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Publish by 17/04/2024

Monday 22 April was Earth Day, and every action counts.

At Guidotti, we take responsible action every day for a greener industry.

We'd like to take this opportunity to share some news from our hive.

A very interesting article echoes our activity: the importance of the quality of raw materials.

Find out more about our bees!

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Publish by 10/04/2024

A new accessory for Guidotti locks.

Tournicotti Tournicoton, like a Zebulon magic trick (the older generation will understand), Guidotti locks have a new accessory, the Tournicotti lever handle.

But why a new accessory?

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The accessory is a detail that leads to perfection

Publish by 02/04/2024

"Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail" Leonardo da Vinci

If Leonardo, the great inventor, said it, we can't contradict him!
There are locks whose essence - locking - is essential, but not always sufficient to really meet the security expectations of the sites to be equipped.

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When should you opt for a motorised lock?

Publish by 26/03/2024

In the professional world, security is an absolute priority. That's why it's crucial to explore the most secure solutions for protecting our property and sensitive information.
In this context, motorised locks offer an effective response to today's security challenges. But when should we consider adopting these innovative locking systems?

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What standards must be met in terms of accessibility?

Publish by 20/03/2024

When it comes to locking systems, several standards coexist, depending on the type of building in which the locking system is to be installed.
While not all users are familiar with these standards, it is the duty of installers and manufacturers to inform them.
Here's a quick look at the standards applicable to your escape doors, depending on the type of building to be equipped.

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