Our integrated Design Office has been established for a number of years. It is composed principally of the Technical Director and a general Mechanical Engineer. These two people spend 100% of their time studying new lock products or developing new techniques.

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In order to stimulate creativity and interest, we provide both time and equipment to each of our assemblers so that they can test new methods as well as give precious feedback and advice.

As well as constantly listening to our customers and keeping a close eye on new technology, every year we present new lock products whether intended for banks, administrations, Seveso sites or apartment buildings, buildings and residences.

All of these innovations are presented at our exhibitions - notably at Exoprotection or APS. We are also present in regional exhibitions such as Préventica.

Choice of standardised products

Since 2008, we have been working on the certification of our emergency exit locks.

After eight years, we are proud of being the French manufacturer with the largest range of NF S 61-937 certified products. This approach has allowed us to install our products at a great many very prestigious and high risk sites.

Evolution of our locks over the last 60 years.

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Evolution of our locks over the last 60 years.

What are the major directions for 2016?

We are currently working on several lock projects. The first three months of 2016 will see a new certified product intended for hospitals. The goal being to respond to the question: How can you protect the inside while leaving access to the outside always open?

We have a second development on one of our high security locks with a version which is the direct result of personalised interaction with our banking customers.