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SEVM Electric door rail with strike and slot

SEVM close-up
SEVM close-up
SEVM interior view
SEVM interior view

The SEVM door rail allows an access control system to be installed on a glass door. The glass doors must have slots which allow this product to be installed. Its electrical operation is by cut-off.


Type  Electromagnetic   
Operation  Cut-off
Notches  Yes
Door type  Glass door
Dead bolt  No
Timeable  Yes
Height available  200mm
Alimentation  12 V or 24V
Rabbinical version  Yes









  • Enter: controlled by access control
  • Exit: free by pushbutton


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More information


The electrical operation of this rail is by cut-off. The flexible electrical connection is made on the service side only.


The external opening is done electrically by access control and the internal opening by electrical push-button.

Files to download


Part number Designation
PSEVM Electrical rail with strike without slot or hole