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GB2008IS Electro-mechanical lock for emergency exits

DG2008IS close-up view
DG2008IS close-up view

This pulse action, flush mounted lock covers several services such as access control, property protection, and the rapid evacuation of persons under all circumstances thanks to the controlled lever.

Like all of the locks of the Controlis range, this lock is NF S 61-937 approved. It can therefore equip an emergency exit. With a handle, it becomes compliant with the EN179 standard. With a crash bar, it corresponds to the standard EN1125. A solution exists no matter what the obligations of your building.


Type Electromechanic
Operation Impulse for the access control                   Impulse for the contreolled handle door
Pose Integrated or surface mounted
Door type Metallic or oorden door 31mm
Dead bolt Yes
Timeable Yes
Number of bolts 1
Bolt strenght 1 200 DaN
Reversible Yes in our workshop or afetr training
Alimentation lock side 12V and/or 24V
Rabbinical version No
Toughness 1 million cycles










  • Enter: controlled by key or access control
  • Exit: free by handle ou panic set. The exit can be controlled or be combined with a "doubt removal" system.
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More information


The exterior opening is done by access control. From the interior, one just has to turn the door lever or the controlled crash bar.

It also has mechanical operation by key or crash bar.

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Part number Designation
GB2000IS exists in non-controlled door lever version