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SEP2000C Flush mounted electro-mechanical lock for aluminium profiles

flush mount lock with cut-off
flush mount lock with cut-off
SEP2000 close-up
SEP2000 en applique

The entry level range of our products, this flush mounted electro-mechanical lock is very reliable. Particularly straight, it flush mounts and is suitable for aluminium profiles.


Type Electromechanic     
Operation Cut-off
Pose Integrated or surface mounted (kit)
Door type Metallic or wooden door
Dead bolt No
Timeable No
Number of bolts 1
Bolt strenght 1 000 DaN
Reversible Yes

12 V lock side

Rabbinical version  No









  • Enter: controlled by key or access control
  • Exit: free by key, push cylinder, pushbutton or controlled by access control
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At entry: any type of access control or mechanically using the key.

At exit: the two functions are still possible, either electrically by single electric push-button or mechanically using the key or the knurled knob.

On this cut-off system, the lock is unlocked in the absence of electricity.

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