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SEP77/770 Flush mounted electro-mechanical lock

SEP77 sur porte

Ideal for your low risk installations and it allows access control to be done safely. This lock is one of the firm favourites of Guidotti products like its little sister, the SEP770, which is an equivalent model but with an electric impulse function. It is a narrow lock with an off-voltage mechanical operation.


Type    Electromechanic     
Operation    Impulse ou cut-off
Pose    Integrated
Door type    Metallic or wooden door
Dead bolt    Yes
Timeable    No
Number of bolts    1
Bolt strenght    1 000 DaN
Reversible    Yes
Alimentation    12 V strike plate side







  • Enter: controlled by key or access control
  • Exit: free by push cylinder or controlled by key, access control or pushbutton
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When closing the door, the spindle of the driver compresses a powerful spring. 

The electrical or mechanical manoeuvre, by the key or the thrust barrel, frees the spring which pulls the bolt back.

Unlocking on the exterior side: either electrically by access control or mechanically using a key.

Unlocking on the interior side: the interior handle equipped with a thrust barrel, allows the bolt to be unlocked by a half-turn without needing electric current. this thrust barrel can be mounted on a plate if the handle is not supplied.



Part number Designation
SEP77 Impulse lock powered by the strike plate
SEP770 Flush mount lock with cut-off
SEP77AS Impulse lock supply on lock side
SEP77R Sabbath version approved by the Rabinnical Tribunal